Integrate your business to Aadhaar and other KYC/AML services in India
The turnkey solution from RNDSOFT will provide integration with Indian government systems for online eKYC.
For what purposes do you need to connect to Aadhaar?
What is Aadhaar?
Aadhaar is a unique personal code assigned by the government agency UIDAI and used for identification and authentication in India.
With the Aadhaar financial companies can conduct digital onboarding and provide services online.
Who can use Aadhaar
Banks and payment agents
Microfinance and microcredit companies
Insurance companies
Investment companies
Operators of financial platforms (marketplaces)
Investment platform operators (crowdlending)
Credit consumer cooperatives
Authentication process using Aadhaar
Authentication process using Aadhaar
Challenges companies face when integrating with Aadhaar
Сomplicated access process
Government agencies may not provide sufficient information about connection steps and time frames, which creates additional uncertainty.
Slow verification processes
Suboptimal tariffs
More than 70% of the Aadhaar verification failures are due to slow verification processes.
Service providers are forced to purchase large packages of requests to Aadhaar, which is extremely unprofitable, especially at the stage of starting a business and   entering the market.
Turnkey solution
Aadhaar Direct
Aadhaar Direct cloud service provides online eKYC with Aadhaar for all regulatory requirements, allowing you to quickly start working in the Indian market.

Your company's client systems connect to our service through a convenient programming interface (API) to simplify integration.

Our team will ensure a transparent process and provide technical and organizational support at all stages of connection.
Benefits of Aadhaar Direct form RNDSOFT
Identification in less than 1 second
Accelerate the Aadhaar verification process with Aaadhaar Direct solution to enhance customer onboarding.
Identification costs from 5 rupees
No need to purchase large packages of identifications. Identification costs from 5 rupees.
Economic benefit
We have competitive prices and a flexible tariff policy depending on the needs of the business.
Rapid Deployment
We provide ready-made APIs and documentation for efficient integration with current systems and rapid release of products to the market.
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